Aetna Better Health of Virginia Enrollment FAQ

These FAQs are specific to Aetna Better Health of Virginia members.

1. Are you a NEW EDCD waiver or EPSDT member with consumer directed services? YES or NO

2. Have you ever used CDCN in the past and are you now enrolled with Aetna? YES or NO

Criteria #1 or #2 must be YES. If they are both NO then you are not eligible at this time.

CDCN has the capability of enrolling new members and Attendants through phone, fax, and mail.

CDCN has a toll-free Customer Service number at 888-444-8182.

The CDCN customer service contact center is available Monday through Friday, 8am-7pm EST, and Saturday, 9am-1pm EST. The customer service contact center is closed Sundays and on federal holidays.

Yes. The Attendant will have the option of receiving their pay through direct deposit or a debit card.

When submitting the DMAS 98R form to Aetna, providers will need to indicate the correct vendor information in section 14 of the form, to ensure the member is placed with the appropriate F/EA.