Optima Transition FAQs

These FAQs are specific to Optima.

Optima has decided to transition all clients from PPL to CDVA, effective 7/13/2023.

Your attendants first paycheck with CDVA will be 8/4/2023 that will include dates worked from 7/13/2023 – 7/26/2023. ALL DATES WORKED PRIOR TO 7/13/2023 must be submitted to PPL by 7/12/2023.

CDVA has emailed you your enrollment packet directly. If you want to update any of the information you had on file with PPL, please complete the packet. If you did not receive the packet, please reach out to CDVA at InfoCDVA@ConsumerDirectCare.com or by calling us at 888-444-2419.

The last date of service/shift that you all will submit to PPL is on 7/12/2023. PPL’s last pay date is 7/28/2023.

The packet was emailed to you directly via DocuSign. If you are having issues locating your packet, please call us at 888-444-2419.

This will roll over to CDVA. We will work with PPL and make sure your hours are sent over on 7/13.

Yes, PPL will be sending all of your information to CDVA before 7/13/23. Including bank account, tax withholding information, your EIN, and other items related to your enrollment. If you would like to complete the packet sent to you by CDVA, this will ensure we have the most up to date information on file.

Your ID number with CDVA will be on the enrollment packet that you received. This number will be used for registering for CellTrak and as a unique identifier for when you call us.