Optima Transition FAQs

These FAQs are specific to Optima.

Optima has decided to transition all clients from PPL to CDVA, effective 7/13/2023.

Your attendants first paycheck with CDVA will be 8/4/2023 that will include dates worked from 7/13/2023 – 7/26/2023. ALL DATES WORKED PRIOR TO 7/13/2023 must be submitted to PPL by 7/12/2023.

CDVA will be emailing your enrollment paperwork to you and your attendant directly via email. To update your email address, scan the QR code from the letter you received.

The last date of service/shift that you all will submit to PPL is on 7/12/2023. PPL’s last pay date is 7/28/2023.

  • Service Facilitators
  • Participant/EOR/Attendant
    • Monday through Friday starting 6/5/2023 at 11am and 6pm.
    • Saturdays at 11am.

The packet was emailed to you directly via DocuSign. If you are having issues locating your packet, please call us at 888-444-2419.