CDCN can start paying your attendants when the following steps are complete:

  1. The Participant is approved to receive Authorized Services;
  2. The Participant is eligible for Medicaid and Waiver services;
  3. The Employer of Record Enrollment Packet has been received by CDCN, all forms are complete, and a unique ID has been issued;
  4. The Attendant Enrollment Packet has been received by CDCN, all forms are complete, and a unique ID has been issued.

CDCN will need to verify your bank account, which could take up to two pay periods. You may receive a paper check for the first two pay periods until this is completed.

As the Employer, you will approve and submit time to CDCN. You will also review, approve and submit an attendant’s final timesheet upon discontinuation of employment. You can select a responsible person to help you by completing and submitting the Designated Representative for Attendant Time Approval form to CDCN.

The Payroll Schedule shows pay periods and pay dates. It is available on our website at in the “Payroll Related Forms” section.

Pay is issued as a direct deposit to the bank account of choice or through a Wisely Pay Card account.

Pay is processed every other Friday. The payroll calendar is posted on our website at

The Patient Participation deduction is an amount determined by the local Department of Social Services (DSS) that the Participant may have to pay for the services he or she receives from the Attendant. If the Participant is subject to this deduction, the Patient Pay amount determined by DSS will be subtracted from the Attendant’s pay and must be repaid by the Participant. In order to be reimbursed, the Attendant must show the EOR a copy of his or her pay stub showing the Patient Pay deduction. The EOR is responsible for ensuring that the Attendant is reimbursed for the full amount deducted from the Attendant’s pay.

Patient Pay will be deducted from attendant’s pay checks for pay periods that include the first day of each month. The Pay Schedule shows these pay periods circled.

The Attendant can be paid through CDCN only for services provided to a Participant who is eligible for Medicaid and Waiver services. Contact your local Department of Social Services (DSS) eligibility worker to be sure the Participant is eligible for Medicaid services.

Contact your Services Facilitator to be sure the Participant is eligible for Waiver services.

No. The Attendant cannot be paid to provide care while the Participant is receiving services in an in-patient setting such as a nursing facility or hospital.

All authorized payroll related expenses are funded using program funds. These expenses include attendant wages, employer payroll taxes, and unemployment insurance.

The Participant is responsible for paying the Patient Pay as determined by the Department of Social Services. See the “Patient Pay” section for more information.

CDCN and DMAS will not pay for services that do not meet requirements, including but not limited to circumstances such as:

  • Medicaid or Waiver ineligibility
  • An attendant who has failed a Criminal History Record check due to a barrier crime
  • An attendant who has failed a child abuse and neglect records check
  • An attendant who is named in the federal List of Excluded Individuals/Entities database
  • An attendant working more than the number of authorized service hours
  • Hours submitted to CDCN more than a year after the date worked.

Please email or contact CDCN’s Customer Service Center We have direct phone numbers for Aetna, Sentara Health Plans, and DMAS members.

  • Aetna: 888-444-2418
  • Sentara Plans: 888-444-2419
  • DMAS: 888-444-8182