Submitting and Approving Time Entries

How can my Attendant submit time for payment?
CDCN has three methods for attendants to submit time:

  1. CDCN’s Web Portal
  2. Mobile Application
  3. Paper Timesheet

What are the Participant or Attendant ID numbers?
Every Participant and Attendant will be issued a unique identifier by CDCN. These numbers will be sent to Employers after CDCN has received a complete Employer Enrollment Packet or Attendant Enrollment Packet. For new attendants, the ID number will be listed on CDCN’s Okay to Work letter that is sent to the Employer upon completion of each attendant’s enrollment packet.

If you haven’t received your ID numbers within two (2) weeks of submitting complete enrollment packets, please call CDCN at (888) 444-8182.

What is the CDCN Portal?
The CDCN portal is Consumer Direct’s online portal to submit time shifts, view utilization information and access documents.  You can access the portal by visiting and clicking on Resources and selecting CDCN Portal.

When can I register on the Web Portal?
You can register for the Web Portal at any time.  

How do I register for the Portal?
Instructions can be found on our website at and You will need a valid email address to register. A verification code will be sent to the email address provided. During the transition, it may take several days for your account to be fully set up. Please allow for setup time before attempting to enter time for the first time.

The Participant, Employer, and Attendant must all register on the portal. If the Participant and Employer are the same people, please select the “Participant” role.

Helpful Hint: Open a new tab when retrieving the verification code from your email address, while leaving the registration page open on the original tab.

How does the Attendant submit time via the CDCN portal or mobile app?
Submitting time by the mobile app:

  • The attendant will register and log in to the CellTrak App.
  • Once logged in, the Attendant will select Run Unscheduled Participant Visit.
  • The attendant will choose the participant for whom they are providing service for and click the arrow button.
  • The Overview page will appear; the Attendant will need to select “Start” at the bottom of the screen.
  • After selecting “Start,” the Attendant will select the proper Workgroup ID (Service Code) to designate the intended service they are going to provide and select the arrow key.
  • The Attendant can then provide service; once the Attendant is finished with the service, the Attendant can select “Finish.”
  • The Attendant and Participant will need to fill out the Finished Visit screen.
    • Acquiring the proper Employer’s Signature
    • Acquiring the Attendant Signature
    • Selecting if the Activity Requires Adjustment
    • Adding any Visit Summary Notes
    • To save this screen, the Attendant will select the Check Mark

Submitting time via portal:

  • The attendant will register on CDCN’s portal, creating a username and password.  
  • CDCN will activate once all documentation is completed, and the Attendant has been approved to work, their registration process will be completed internally.
  • The attendant will log into the CDCN portal where they will see their dashboard.
  • The attendant will click on a button that says “Time Entry.”
    • This will take them to a page displaying the current week.  
  • All service(s) codes that the Attendant can work are displayed in that grid.
  • Attendant clicks on the day for which they want to enter time and completes the information.
  • When all shifts have been entered, Attendant will select all shifts for submission and click “Submit.”

How does the Employer approve time via the CDCN portal or mobile app?
Approving Time vie the CellTrak App:

  • During the Finished Visit screen, there will be an option for the Employer/Member Representative’s signature.
    • The Attendant will select Yes and ask for the Employer signature

Approving Time via the Portal:

  • Employer/Member must first be registered on the CDCN portal.
  • Once registered, when all paperwork is completed, the registration will be completed internally.
  • Once registration is completed, the Employer may log in and will arrive at their dashboard.
  • The Employer/ Member will see a table of shifts that will need to be approved if any.
  • To approve shifts, they will click a button that says “Time Entry.”
  • Employer/Member will see the current week in a table showing all shifts submitted by Attendant.  
  • Employer/ Member may select one or more shifts to approve.
  • After selection, the Employer will click on “Submit.”
    • This will submit selected records for payroll.
  • The Employer/Member may also reject any shift.
    • Rejected shifts are returned to Attendant with comments, to be deleted or corrected.

May I submit paper timesheets?
Yes. Blank timesheets can be found on Consumer Direct’s website at in the “Timesheet and Payroll Related Forms” section.

May I submit one paper timesheet for more than one service?
No. Currently, there is one service code per timesheet.

What are the service codes?

  • Attendant – S5126
  • Respite – S5150
  • Companion – S5136

What information is required on the paper timesheet?
Each timesheet will need to include:

  • Individual name and ID number,
  • Attendant name and ID number,
  • Service date(s)
  • Shift in and out times,
  • Service type (Attendant, Respite, or Companion),
  • Employer signature and date, and
  • Attendant signature and date.  

If you enter time online, you will enter the same information through our web portal.

Where do I send my timesheet?
Timesheet-only fax: 1-877-861-4523; or
Timesheet-only email: