Virginia's Consumer-Directed Services Program

What is the purpose of the Virginia CDS Program?
The CDS program is designed to allow people needing long-term care to received authorized services in their home or community. The program allows those individuals to determine the services they will receive and select who will provide them according to their Service Plan and authorization.

How does this program work?
An attendant provides authorized services to a participant of the Virginia Consumer-Directed Services Program. The Employer of Record (EOR) is the person who employs the attendants. The EOR may be the Participant or a different person selected by the Participant.

What types of services can attendants provide?
Attendants can provide three (3) types of services to Participants through the Consumer-Directed Services Program. These are Attendant Services, Respite Services, and Companion Services. EOR will specify which service type is to be provided. Services must be authorized before providing the care.

What is a description of the services?

  • Attendant Services (S5126)
    • Services to help individuals with their daily needs such as dressing, bathing, eating, and assistance with self-administration of medication.
  • Respite Services (S5150)
    • Services to assist an unpaid caregiver by giving that individual time to do needed things for themselves or other family members. Respite services are allowed only during times when the usual unpaid caregiver needs time off. An unpaid caregiver can be given no more than 480 hours of respite services in one (1) fiscal year. A fiscal year begins July 1st and continues for the 12 months through June 30th.
  • Companion Services (S5136
    • These services may include providing friendship, escorting to appointments, engaging in conversation, or playing a game with the Participant.