Employer of Record Responsibilities

What does the Employer need to do?
As the Employer, you will:

  • Complete and sign all forms in CDCN’s Employer Enrollment Packet.
  • Complete, sign and submit the Attendant Enrollment Packet for each person you wish to have as an attendant.
  • Review the Attendant Attestation form with each attendant and ensure that both of your sign it.
  • Establish schedules and tasks for each attendant in accordance with the Participant’s Service Plan.
  • Monitor each attendant’s work.
  • Approve and submit approved time to CDCN for each attendant.
  • Keep track of Service Authorizations and time used.
  • Hire, supervise, and discontinue employment of the attendants.

What does the Employer need to do first?
Work with your Service Facilitator to review and sign all required forms in CDCN’s Employer Enrollment Packet. Once completed, email, fax or mail the paperwork to CDCN. Please contact CDCN’s Customer Service Center at (888) 444-8182 if you have questions.

Does CDCN have online resources to help me?
Yes, CDCN maintains a website where you will find forms you can print and training resources such as guides and videos to help you. Training materials can be found on our website at www.ConsumerDirectVA.com/training-materials.

How do I hire an Attendant?
Attendant paperwork can be found at www.ConsumerDirectVA.com/forms; the packet is titled Attendant Enrollment Packet. Completed attendant paperwork should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to Consumer Direct for processing. If you have questions about the paperwork please contact Consumer Direct at (888) 444-8182 for assistance.

Helpful Hint: Before printing, any information you type into the Employee Data Form (the 1st page of the packet) will automatically fill in the rest of the packet. This results in less writing for the attendant.

What if I no longer want an attendant to work for me?
As the Employer, you can tell the Attendant that you no longer wish to have services provided by him or her. Send CDCN the Notice of Discontinued Employment form found on our website at www.ConsumerDirectVA.com/forms in the “Other” section.