Web Portal Questions

Effective 9/26/19 time must be submitted using one of the EVV compliant methods; Mobile Application or IVR

Every Participant and Attendant will be issued a unique identifier by CDCN. These numbers will be sent to Employers after CDCN has received a complete Employer Enrollment Packet or Attendant Enrollment Packet. For new attendants, the ID number will be listed on CDCN’s Okay to Work letter that is sent to the Employer upon completion of each attendant’s enrollment packet.

If you haven’t received your ID numbers within two (2) weeks of submitting complete enrollment packets, please call CDCN at (888) 444-8182.

The CDCN portal is Consumer Direct Care Network’s online portal to submit time shifts, view utilization information and access documents. You can access the portal by visiting www.ConsumerDirectVA.com and clicking CDCN Web Portal.

You can register for the Web Portal at any time.

Instructions can be found on our website at www.ConsumerDirectVA.com/training-materials. You will need a valid email address to register. A verification code will be sent to the email address provided. During the transition, it may take several days for your account to be fully setup. Please allow for setup time before attempting to enter time for the first time.

The Participant, Employer and Attendant must all register on the portal. If the Participant and Employer are the same person, please select the “Employer” role.

Helpful Hint: Open a new tab when retrieving the verification code from your email address, while leaving the registration page open on the original tab.

Users with multiple roles are able to log into DirectMyCare.com with one user name and password. Users with multiple roles can switch between roles by clicking on the drop-down arrow under your name in the upper right-hand corner.