Service Facilitator Newsletter

Welcome to the January Service Facilitator Newsletter. Here are the latest updates from Consumer Direct Care Network Virginia (CDVA). The next newsletter will be sent in April 2023.

Past and Upcoming Emails to Attendants, Clients, and/or Employers of Record (EOR)

  • 2022 W-2s Coming Soon
    • Emails were sent out to Attendants the week of November 7, November 28, December 12, 2022. Additional information about ADP Registration and W-2 FAQs were included in this email.
  • Helpful Resources Tax Season
    • An email was sent on December 6, 2022. CDVA posted several new videos that are helpful as tax season approached. Links to the videos were included in the email.
  • Exempt Withholding Forms Expire
    • An email was sent on January 20, 2023. This was a notice that effective February 15, 2023 any federal or state form claiming exempt from withholding has expired.
  • 2022 W-2s Available
    • An email was sent on January 24, 2023. This was a notice that W-2s are available to be viewed in ADP and have been mailed out to Attendants.

2022 W-2s Now Available
W-2s are available electronically through ADP, and Attendants are encouraged to register.

ADP Registration Instructions

Click the link below to watch a short video about how to read your W-2.

Watch Video: How to Read Your W-2

Have more questions? Visit the W-2 Questions page on our website.

Federal and State Exemptions Expire February 15, 2023
Effective February 15, 2023 any federal or state form claiming exemption from withholding will expire. Per federal law, any Attendant who wishes to remain exempt must submit a 2023 W-4 Form as well as their corresponding state form to CDVA by February 16, 2023. Click the links below to download the required W-4 forms.

Federal W-4 Form
State W-4 Form

If a new form is not received, the CDCN Payroll Department will begin withholding the Attendant’s taxes at the single or married filing separately status.

What are Zsecure Emails?
Zsecure emails are secure or encrypted emails that may contain personal information. To open a Zsecure email from CDVA, you must have an Zsecure account. Don’t have an account? Register for our ZixCorp secure email services. Please check your spam or junk folders if you do not see secure emails from CDVA.

DirectMyCare Web Portal is CDVA’s secure website for Clients, Attendants, EORs, and Service Facilitators.

  • Clients and EORs should register for once the “Welcome Letter” has been sent.
  • Attendants can register for once the “Enrollment Confirmation letter” has been sent.

Registering for too soon before paperwork has been processed may cause a delay with registration.

Sick Leave
To be eligible for sick leave, an Attendant must:

  1. Work an average of 20 hours per week or 90 hours per month.
  2. Have all time worked approved by the EOR no more than 20 days after the end of the quarter.

If the Attendant meets these criteria, they will earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. Any Attendant with unused sick leave at the end of the fiscal year may carry over up to 40 hours into the next fiscal year. Attendants may continue to use these hours during the eligibility process.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
All Attendants who are not live-in exempt (LIE), must comply with EVV. Non-LIE Attendants must use the CellTrak app or the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to submit their time to remain in compliance with EVV. Failure to remain EVV-compliant could result in action being taken by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).

Update Agency Information
Please be sure to update all agency information with CDVA. This includes emails, addresses, phone numbers, and names of active Service Facilitators within your agency. You can email to update any information on file.

CDVA Website Announcements
Please regularly check the Announcements section on the home page of our website for all new announcements from CDVA.