A Message from the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) Image

The pandemic-related flexibility which allows parents of children under age 18 and spouses to be reimbursed for providing personal care services will end on November 10, 2023. To ensure a smooth transition, Employers of Record (EOR) should search for an alternate Attendant as soon as possible.

Your Service Facilitator should be able to assist in locating resources to find qualified Attendants and steps in the hiring process. The Consumer Directed Services EOR Manual provides helpful information on hiring Attendants. The EOR manual can be found on the DMAS website at: dmas.virginia.gov/for-providers/long-term-care/waivers/.

DMAS is awaiting federal approval to permanently allow parents of minors and spouses to be paid to provide personal care services when no one else is available. EORs will need to show their recent efforts to hire an Attendant, and how no one else is available. DMAS will provide training for families and providers once federal approval is received.